Emily's Update 5-26-2020

posted May 26, 2020, 2:46 PM by Cynthia Friedman

We Like to Help

Let us know if your child might benefit from some extra attention.  We like to host small groups of kiddos or meet one on one to provide encouragement and academic support.


Stuffie Toss Video

Our book sharing video was such a great success that we are starting a new video – the stuffie toss!  We are asking that kids share a short video of catching and tossing their stuffie.  The stuffie can be thrown by the person filming and tossed back towards the camera.  As always, creative touches are welcome!

We are creating a reminder about this activity on Seesaw.  Kids can post their videos to Seesaw, but in order to be included in the class video, please email your video to Carmen at carmen.coleman@ridgeline.org.


Phone (or Zoom) a Friend!

Kids love to work together… even during distance learning.  Parent Ann Carney Nelson came across a great list of ways kids can collaborate over the phone or via Zoom.  Check out the attached list!


Biography Book

Today, kids are finishing up their biography research.  The next step is to write the first draft of a biography book, with a page for each topic in their peacemaker’s life.  Carmen and I will be walking kids through the process this week, and next week we’ll create the finished project. 


Bottle Doll Prep

Next week I’ll show kids how to create a bottle doll model of their peacemaker.  This is an optional but FUN activity that becomes a labor of love for kids every time.  We’ve streamlined our usual, in-class process to make this a project that can be done at home.  Materials needed will be:

·      A large bottle with its top (2 L plastic bottles work best, but any big, stable bottle will work)

·      Tape – tan masking tape is the BEST but packing tape or painter’s tape could work.

·      Paper or fabric to dress the doll

·      Optional bonus items: buttons, ribbon, pipe cleaners, glue gun, etc...

Best wishes to everyone!  As always, contact me with any questions.