Emily's Update 5-21-19

posted May 21, 2019, 12:17 PM by Cynthia Friedman


Students’ peacemaker biographies are underway.  We’re using the project as a way to review the stages of writing, from reading, prewriting, drafting, revising and editing to creating a polished final draft.  We’re also exploring introductions - ways to start our writing with a creative and interesting hook to grab our audience’s attention.  Over the next few weeks we'll finish our drafts, create displays with timelines, quotes and photos, and make our bottle dolls.  Then, on Thursday June 13 we'll celebrate Peacemaker Day with our own Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and a bottle doll display.  


2 Liter Bottles Needed for Peace

We are still collecting bottles with lids for our year-end bottle doll project.  Thanks to all you seltzer drinkers who are bringing in bottles – we still have about 20 needed by next week!


Class Play Update

Our finalized date for our play, “Anansi Steals the Stories” is 6:30, Tuesday June 11.  We have cast our play, and have started rehearsing some of the scenes.  In art, volunteer Bethany Steiner has helped us create backdrops, headdresses and props.  We're also learning about African textiles and using those as an inspiration for our art project this week. Eric Steiner has built a new scrim for us to use.  Music teacher Amelia has introduced us to the djembe, an African drum, and we hope to use it as our soundtrack.  Actors are learning lines, sound crew is learning cues, and we will start practicing on stage this week.

Actors and families can start planning costumes.  You are encouraged to shop your closet and not worry about handmaking an elaborate costume.  Here are some costume suggestions:

·      Hornets have made headdresses at school.  They should dress in shades of yellow and black, with extra credit for anything that makes them look fierce. 

·      Forest fairies can dress for a dance party, in sparkles and bright colors.  We provide the wings.  

·      Sky Gods should dress colorfully to match their character and headdress. 

·      Python puppeteers can dress in plain neutral colors (or coordinate with each other and the snake).   

·      Narrators can wear street clothes.

·      Spiders – eight legs would be great!