Emily's Update 4-20-2020

posted Apr 27, 2020, 12:55 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings, Families!

Belongings and Cubby Content Pick Up - Carmen is  excited to see your family this Thursday, April 23,  5-7 p.m. in the pick up circle to collect your student's belongings. Please note that this not only includes items such as indoor shoes & jackets, but also all the items in your child's cubby, including school work.  In their bags you will find all of the things normally sent home at the end of the school year. Please help us get these things to our students by coming and picking them up. Remember to make a sign with your student's name and room number to hold up in your car window and please stay in your vehicle. 

Music Zoom Meeting Thursday 2:45

Amelia is hosting Music class

Your child can join her to connect to new music activities and build an egg shaker or rain stick.

Parent Guidelines for Distance Learning

Hang in there, parent/teachers!  Do you ever wonder if you’re doing it right?  Or how to get help?  Take a look at these guidelines from Ridgeline to understand expectations, get tips and make the most of our new normal.  

How the COVID-19 Shutdown Affects Children

Thank you to Erin Lynch for sharing this great article about how kids respond to traumatic events: This is why your child is acting like a baby right now.  Even if your child hasn’t resorted to baby talk, this article can help explain some of the behaviors you’re seeing and give you tools to respond.  

Buddy Learning on Zoom - A Strategy for Parenting Geniuses

Kids love to learn together!  In the classroom, students loved sitting next to one another to work and chat.  Why not try it on Zoom?  A Zoom study meeting can really help motivate your child and maintain social connections.  I encourage you to reach out to other families for some partner work - you might even want to do a standing study date. Be inclusive and reach out to a few different kiddos. You will feel like a parenting genius and your child will be happy.  Give it a try!

Emails for families are in the Ridgeline Family Contacts booklet that you may have picked up at school this year.  If you have not picked one up already, we have limited copies to share.  Email Carmen before Thursday and she will try to put one in your student’s take-home packet. 

Thank You, Zoom Volunteers!

My deep appreciation goes out to the folks who have gotten some lunch zooms started this week.  I’m delighted that our parent community is creating another avenue for kids to connect.  Thanks as well to class parent Jenny Noyce, jennynoyce@gmail.com, who is the point person for this effort.   

Keep Reaching Out

Please keep reaching out to Carmen and I with questions, concerns, tech issues… whatever!  We are also happy to do one on one zooms with your child to help work through an assignment or explain a math problem.  Yes, I know that you can explain that 2nd grade math problem perfectly well… but sometimes kids don’t feel like learning from their parents, am I right?  We are happy to step into the fray and provide some teaching or encouragement as a neutral party.  

Keep up the good work everyone!

Emily Burton