Emily's Update 3-9-2020

posted Mar 9, 2020, 11:22 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Recorders please!
If your child brought home a Ridgeline recorder to practice with, please make sure that it makes it into the backpack in time for music on Mondays and Wednesday.  We have a few extra recorders available for kids to borrow, but we are running very low because so many recorders are at home.   

Permission slips home Monday
Check backpacks for a white permission slip on Monday.  We are preparing for our March 17 trip to the Hult Center. 

Greek Day Thursday, March 19
As part of our studies of Ancient Greece, we will celebrate with a day full of activities, food and democracy.  We’ll race in armor at the Olympics, celebrate the wonders of geometry with Pythagoras, and sample Greek foods.  

Children are encouraged, but not required, to dress up in Greek costume.  A tunic (adult sized, plain t-shirt) with a belt or sash will do the trick for both boys and girls.  Greek girls and women wore longer tunics or dresses; men’s tunics were shorter.  If your Grecian wardrobe is lacking, we have many, many chitons and tunics to lend and can outfit your child when he or she gets to class on Friday. 


We are seeking food donations for our Greek mini-feast.  Please let me know if you can contribute any of the following: olives, feta cheese, pita bread, or juice.  We just need enough for each child to have a sample – students will still bring their own lunches.    

Homework Gallery 
Thursday, March 19 is the due date for the latest round of homework.  We hope to see you at our gallery that morning at 8:40.  Yes, this is also Greek Day for us.  Feel free to come in costume!