Emily's Update 3-12-2020

posted Mar 12, 2020, 3:05 PM by Cynthia Friedman
No Youth Concert
Our scheduled trip to the Hult Center next Tuesday is cancelled, in accordance with 4J's policy announced today.  We will be returning fees that we have already collected on Friday.

Cricket Science
We are observing and learning about our classroom crickets this week.  We've noticed how they drink and are testing some foods they might like to eat.  Next week, we'll be cricket scientists - using our observations to come up with questions that we can test experimentally.  This will be our introduction to the scientific method.

Science Fair On the Horizon
All our cricket experiments will prepare children to think of their own questions to test in a science fair project.  Science projects are done both at home, as homework, and at school.  The home part involves choosing a testable question, gathering materials and doing the experiment.  At school, your child will get lessons on how to write up and present their data.  They'll end up with all the writing they need to put on their display.  Display making can be done at home or at school.  
Although science projects won't start for a while, it's a good idea to be on the lookout for those everyday questions and observations that would make a good science project.  Which treat does our dog like best?  Does he learn faster for better treats?  Why are there ants on our daffodils - are they on all flowers?  Authentic questions make for fun projects.

For our cricket experiments, we will be using clear plastic clamshell containers like the ones that salads or takeout items come in.  If you have any at home, we'd love to reuse them.  

Greek Day and Homework Gallery
Just a reminder that Thursday, March 19 is our homework gallery AND Greek Day!  We are still looking for volunteers to bring these foods: grapes, olives, and feta.

Enjoy the photos - here we are making Greek shields, in preparation for our phalanx marching activity next week.  There's also a photo of today's nature walk, where we found a mysterious fallen tree and used our observations to figure out its story