Emily's Update 3-11-19

posted Mar 11, 2019, 11:09 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Building a Pipe Organ

Yes, you read that right!  Our class will build a real, playable two octave pipe organ from the ground up on Thursday, March 14.  We are looking for a few extra volunteers to join us for the morning (probably from 8:15 until 11:30 or so).  Here is a sneak preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYSboJdZKXc/ .  A huge bravo to parents Andrew Nelson and Ann Carney Nelson for helping make this possible!


Science Fair Time!

We are preparing for our Sixth Annual Science and Invention Fair.  The first worksheet for this will be sent home early this week, and we’ll have lots of in class discussions about how to generate a project idea. Our goal is that  every child will prepare a project to be displayed for the schoolwide project fair on April 23rd. 

This is a big undertaking but we’ve broken it up into steps.  Here’s the rundown of how we turn seven, eight and nine year olds into scientists:


Science projects are done in phases, at home and at school.

1.     AT HOME, you will discuss project ideas with your child and do some basic background research.  With your child, choose an interesting question to answer in their project.  Then, plan an experiment on the worksheet sent home this week.  This will be due Wednesday, March 20. I will look over project ideas, make copies of worksheets, and send the originals back in time for spring break.

2.     AT HOME, do the experiment and record the results.  Results are due April 2.

3.     AT SCHOOL, we will provide instruction and support for kids to create all the written pieces of the science project.  We will draw on the worksheets kids did at home and will analyze and chart their results as needed. 

4.     AT HOME, students put together their display.  


We find that some families and kids prefer to do most of the writing for their science project at home, and that’s fine.  In some cases, kids need extra time or attention to finish their projects, so we may split up the work and send some home to be finished. 


We are also committed to offering extra at-school support to children who need it.  If your child will need to additional parts of the project at school, please let us know ASAP so we can line up volunteer help.  I’m also happy to answer questions at any stage of the process.  


 Medieval Day March 21

As part of our studies of the middle ages, we will be having Medieval Day, with a feast, jousting, optional costumes, and more!  More details to come.