Emily's Update 12-16-19

posted Dec 16, 2019, 11:17 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Homework Gallery Wednesday

The children’s homework will be on display on Wednesday, December 18 at 8:40 in the library.  We’re happy to accept homework that is turned in early, and the library will be available after school on Tuesday if your project needs some extra set up time.  Please join us to see the marble runs, family measurements and ramps that children have been working on!


Tuesday Art – Prepare for Paint       

During art this week we’ll be using acrylic paints.  These paints are initially washable, but become permanent on clothes as they dry.  We are asking that children wear clothes that won’t be ruined by paint stains, or that children bring a smock (like an old t-shirt) to put on over their clothes.  We are also looking for an adult volunteer to help out with the project on Tuesday, from 1:40 until dismissal.  Please let me know if you are interested.


Diving Deep into Language

What does it take to truly understand, engage with and communicate about a text?   A text dive!  Over the past few weeks I’ve increased the challenge and expectations around reading comprehension by introducing text dives.  A text dive is a multi-step process for second and third graders that culminates in students writing a peer-edited paragraph about a text.  Students work with a different partner during each step – reading and reflection, answering questions with textual evidence, planning and writing their pieces, and peer editing.  I’m excited by the conversations children are having about their work and by the growth that I’m seeing in their reading, writing and partnering skills.   


Room 4 News

Students are writing articles for a classroom newspaper that will be published on Friday.  Keep an eye out for our first edition!  

Joy of Sharing

This week Ridgeline is collecting donations of food and toiletries to share with community members in need.  Donation boxes will be in the lobby.