Emily's Update 1-29-19

posted Jan 29, 2019, 9:49 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for conferences on Thursday and Friday!  I’m looking forward to discussing your child’s progress with you.  This conference replaces the midyear progress report that we sent out in past years.  Our hope is that it will give you a sense of your child’s successes and help us collaborate on learning goals for the next semester.

Some parents feel most comfortable in these discussions without their child present.  That’s fine, and I encourage you to come alone if that is the case for you.  We can also ask students to step outside for a few minutes during the conference as necessary.


Homework Gallery Feb. 4 8:30

Just a reminder – our homework gallery is coming up in about a week!  If your child needs some help with homework we’re happy to offer in-class support.  Email me if you have questions or would like us to check in with your child.


Social/Emotional Learning: Get in the Zone!

One of the ways that we’re building social/emotional skills lately is by using a curriculum called Zones of Regulation.  The zones correspond to levels of emotional intensity, from blue (tired, sad) to green (calm, happy) to red (agitated, out of control).  We’re learning to recognize these levels in ourselves and to use mindfulness activities to help move us into the green zone.  We’ve also talked about expected and unexpected behavior.  Expected behaviors (like facing someone that you’re talking to, or saying excuse me) make others feel calm and positive.  Unexpected behaviors (like interrupting or ignoring) make others feel nervous or unsafe. 


On Time is Awesome!

Thank you for starting off the New Year with such great attendance!  We love being able to greet our students before 8:30 and help them connect with their peers and projects as everyone settles in.  Your efforts to get out the door on time really do make a difference and help your child feel secure and connected to our community.  


Invertebrate Inventors

Did you know that we have been having some invertebrates show up as our lunch guests?  These visitors don’t have a backbone, but they have come up with some amazing innovations nonetheless.  We’ve been learning about sponges (inventors of multicellular life), cnidarians (jellyfish and anemones, inventors of moving and stinging), flatworms (inventors of brains and eyes), and more!