Emily's Class Update 2-27-15

posted Mar 4, 2015, 11:04 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Science Fair Homework Due March 12
For homework, your child will be doing the first steps of a science project: coming up with a research question and doing some background research.  Please take a look at the letter and assignment that went home today and help your child start thinking of project ideas. 
Indoor Shoes
Please check that your child has indoor shoes!  There is mud on the playground and, lately, on our carpet.  On muddy days we will be limiting the playground area that is available to children without a change of shoes. 
Gifts and Trades
To protect childrens’ feelings and minimize distractions, we ask that children not give gifts or trade toys at school.  Please support us in this by encouraging your child to keep toys and special jewelry at home, and supporting our efforts to keep toys and gifts out of the classroom.
Something Fishy
Fish are the first of the five classes of vertebrates that we will study.  Next up in a week or two will be the amphibians.  We would love to host a fish or amphibian in our classroom.  If you have a pet that we could borrow for a week or so, please let me know.  We also welcome any books or other resources that support these studies.
Doors open at 8:25
The front doors open at 8:25.  There is not school supervision available for kids before that time.