Emily's Class Update 2-20-15

posted Feb 24, 2015, 9:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman

A Massive Homework Assignment


Don’t panic!  This week we actually have a very small homework assignment that will help us study mass.  We are gearing up to measure masses using grams and kilograms.  Conveniently, food cans and boxes are labeled with these metric measurements.  In school next week, we will use unopened food packages to weigh, compare, and calculate masses. 


Please send in one unopened item that is labeled with a metric measurement (grams or kilograms).  It should be durable enough to be handled by children and labeled with your child’s name.  We are looking for items that cover the whole range of measurements, from little 100 gram containers to packages weighing more than a kilogram.  We will return the items in a week or two.


Science Fair News


            Our next few rounds of homework will not follow our usual monthly pattern.  We are shifting focus to science and preparing for science projects, a portion of which will be done at home.  Every student in the class will create a science project for the Ridgeline Project Fair on April 30.  Interested students can also enter their projects at the UO Science Fair on May 9 if they’d like. 


I will guide students through the steps of creating a project at school. UO graduate student scientists will also visit next week to introduce us to the scientific method, do a mini experiment, and talk about the science fair.  Stay tuned!


The Orchestra Rocks Rocked!


            We had a fabulous time at the Hult Center on Tuesday.  The kids really enjoyed the energetic playing – including the drum section of the UO Marching Band – and the rock and roll theme.  Thanks to Rae, Katie, Starr and Sheryl for chaperoning, and thanks to the kids for helping make the field trip safe and enjoyable for all.

DDD Pasta Dinner – Our annual Ridgeline Community Pasta Dinner DDD Event will take place this Friday, February 20th from 5-7pm in the gym. Parent volunteers are working hard to organize the evening. We will serve penne pasta with pesto and marinara, bread, and salad. (Gluten-free options will be available.)

There is no fee for the dinner, however we highly encourage families to bring their donation for the Direct Donation Drive. Visit with other Ridgeline families, sign up for escrip, bid on the classroom pasta bowls, and bring your donation for theDDD!  We still need to raise $24,000 in order to pay for PE, our counselor, and music teacher this year!