Emily's Class Update 2-11-19

posted Feb 11, 2019, 9:09 AM by Cynthia Friedman

February Invertebrate Feud

We had a blast last week when some sporting student scientists treated us to the first ever February Invertebrate Feud!  This was a spinoff of March Mammal Madness, itself a mammologist’s take on NCAA March Madness.  There was drama, laughter, and heartbreak as the northern red anemone bested all its opponents and emerged victorious.  Here is a link to March Mammal Madness, if you’d like to follow it this year.  https://libguides.asu.edu/MarchMammalMadness/HowToPlay#s-lg-box-13717367.  And here is a link to a real-life anemone battle, in case you didn’t think these cnidarians could be fierce: https://www.shapeoflife.org/video/cnidarians-anemones-fight.

One of the many, many things I love about this project is how student-generated it was.  After experiencing a few rounds of MMM with me, some third graders were ready to create their own invertebrate bracket.  Other students were drawn in, and before you know it all the matches were ready.  All the kids really showed off their invertebrate knowledge.  Even the audience got drawn into the debate as they pondered whether the sponge could even be defeated (with no nerves, this primitive combatant feels no pain!).  What fun.   


Valentine’s Day

We will be exchanging Valentines on Thursday.  Students may bring cards for the class – no food or sweets, please – or opt out.  We will be collecting cards in paper grocery bags.  If you have any to spare, please send them in this week!


Middle Ages, Here We Come!

I am so excited to turn back the clocks a thousand years and begin our study of the Middle Ages.  We will be learning about medieval technology, the origins of the English language, the feudal system, and so much more.  Coming soon… catapults!

Emily Burton