Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 9-30-11

posted Oct 3, 2011, 10:23 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Multiple Volcanic Eruptions Shake Room 1
Fizz! Fizz! In art this week, the kids sculpted and painted clay volcanoes. Friday was eruption day and everyone had a great time creating multiple lava flows. With some baking soda and vinegar, your child can give you a special repeat performance of his or her volcano in action. Next up in art: the solar system in paper mache.

Biking and Walking on Wednesday
Take a break from the car on Wednesday, October 5th! We have lots of great activities planned to make Walk and Bike to School Day especially fun. There will be wacky bikes to check out in the parking lot. I'm especially looking forward to pedaling the combination bicycle/smoothie blender. Check the eNews for more info on walking trains and ways to participate. Thanks to Wibke Fretx (Til's mom) for helping organize this activity.

Fun Fall Field Trips
In October, the class will visit Mount Pisgah Arboretum for a fall nature walk. Then, we'll visit Lone Pine Farms to pick pumpkins. Each child will get to choose their own pumpkin to take home. Permission forms with exact dates will be sent home next week. If you are interested in chaperoning for either trip, please let us know.

Themed Basket
Just a reminder that we are collecting items for our classroom basket that will be raffled off at the Capital Campaign Kickoff on Oct. 22. Our classroom's theme is “Exploring Nature.” Ideas may include: Bird/Mushroom/Rock and Mineral Guides, nature science kits, bug catchers, gift certificates to the Planetarium or the Raptor Center, hiking sticks, Oregon hiking guides ,etc. Be creative and have fun thinking up any nature related ideas!

Good Mornings
We're happy to welcome kiddos into the classroom at 8:25 each morning. Please make sure to supervise your child if he or she is dropped off before then. Arrangements for morning Creative Care can be made through the office.