Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 5-8-13

posted May 8, 2013, 9:51 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Science Fair Update
This week we will be working with the kids on the write ups for their presentations. We'll talk about how to write the abstract, hypothesis, procedure, and results. We'll also discuss how to make a beautiful, big, correct copy for their poster boards.

We are happy to support kids with creating clean copies of their data tables and graphing their results. We are also training some of the older kids to help others with calculating average values and making graphs. If you'd like this help for your child, please make sure to send in a copy of their data. And keep a copy of the data just in case.

Next week we will send home big trifold poster boards and any writing the kids have produced at school, so that families can help put together the final projects. 

Amazon Walk
Help Ridgeline continue to support P.E. and music programs! These “extras” that we offer the kids are increasingly rare in these days of budget cutting. The Amazon Walk is a great way for kids to take the lead in supporting these programs. Plus, we will ROCK the WALK with our Eye of the Tiger theme! On walk day, we are looking for an adult volunteer to help us with basic face painting for all our young tigers. We will create tiger-style headgear for the kids - other costuming (black and orange, or “Rocky” style athletic wear) is up to the students.