Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 5-7-12

posted May 7, 2012, 10:13 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Something’s Fishy…
 Fish are the order of the day in our classroom lately. We took a look
at a trout on Thursday and some kids scoped out its external anatomy.
We’re focusing on the ways that fish sense their environment. Did you
know that they navigate by smell? We’ve also done a little fishy
“dance” – making the different types of fish fins with our bodies.
We’ve got some more hands-on activities in the works, including
scheduling visits from anglers who can share their fly tying expertise
and from a state fisheries biologist.
Ukulele Visitors
A few middle schoolers will be visiting us next week to join in our
morning song. We’ll teach them River Song, by Steve VanZandt, and
they will come up with a ukulele accompaniment. We’re so happy to
collaborate with (and be inspired by) some of Ridgeline’s older
students. If all goes well we may have to prepare a concert for you!
Leaburg Dam and Fish Hatchery Trip May 17
Our trip to Leaburg Dam is confirmed for Thursday, May 17. Permission
slips will go home next week. In the meantime, if you would like to
chaperone our trip, let us know. We will leave school at 9:00 and
return around 12:30.
Jogathon May 18
What is it that makes Jogathon day such a joy? Is it the smiling
faces on the children as they run around the track? Is it the goofy
pop music blasting over the loudspeakers? The high fives and cheering
from the crowds? Is it knowing that all this is helping support
Ridgeline during tough economic times? I don’t know what makes
Jogathon so magical, but I invite you to join us and find out for
yourself. We’d love to have a few volunteers to help with logistics
during the day. We also welcome visitors to help man the cheering
section or to picnic with the class. Let us know if you’d like to
Walk and Bike! Written by Alice Wayte
this month our school has been having a theme - walk and bike - about
walking, biking, skateboarding or skating to school! The reason our
school is doing this is so our bodies are healthy and there's less car
pollution and since there's a lot of people in our school it makes a
big difference. In Emily and Alyson's class we have a small chart
that has stickers next to it. Each morning Emily asks us if we
walked, biked, skateboarded or scooted to school, and if we did we
raise our hand and Emily calls on us and we come up. Emily gives us a
sticker and we put it above the day it 'cause 1 sticker = 1 person.
It also says the number of people. So far we have 21 stickers. So
please walk or bike your children to school!

I know we already have thousands of people who are already walking,
biking, skateboarding and skating to school but we still want
thousands more people. Thank you...