Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 4-26-13

posted Apr 26, 2013, 1:15 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Backpack Check!
This week for homework we have sent home a science project planning sheet, due Friday. We’d like kids and families to take the project one step further and think about a hypothesis (a prediction you can test), an experiment, and the type of measurements you’ll collect. You don’t need to do the experiment yet – that part can come later - but if you’d like to you can go ahead. If you are missing any key materials for your experiment let us know. Our UO helpers have an extensive supply closet that they have offered to share.

Thank you for working with your kids on this project! For the students, talking through a project that they’ve chosen and developed makes science much more relevant and fun. We’ll be offering extra help and support during class time for kids that need it.

Please let us know if you have questions or if you want to double check an experiment plan. We want every child to be successful in this! 
Wetland Field Trip May 21
On Tuesday, May 21 we will visit the West Eugene Wetlands. If you would like to join us for the morning as a chaperone, let us know. We will leave shortly after school starts and return by 12:30.