Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 3-9-12

posted Mar 9, 2012, 10:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Food Pantry
Ridgeline's food pantry is up and running.   The purpose of the pantry is to supplement lunches for kids  as needed and to ensure that no child goes hungry.  Whereas we will not turn any student down that makes a request to visit the panty, we would like to encourage families to check in with their child/ren at home.  Do they feel that they have enough food (including snack) for the day?  If a student does visit the pantry, we will send a note of communication home for you.  
Parrots, Cockroaches and Scorpions
On Wednesday, Room 1 attended a “critter assembly.”  Pipe Dreams Aviary and Rehabilitation Center presented a variety of fascinating creatures including tarantulas, snakes as well as those mentioned above.  It was very fun for the kids and they even had the choice of petting a Bearded Dragon!
De Colores
On Thursday, The Eugene Concert Choir Outreach visited the classroom to teach the children “De Colores,” a traditional children's song, in Spanish.  ECCO Music Director Kathryn Leonard did a phenomenal job working with the kids on concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics.  We were left with an instructional CD of the song, recorded by the Eugene Concert Choir.  In addition, we have the lyrics, translation and inspiration to continue practicing at school.  Children who are interested are invited to perform on stage at Silva Concert Hall at the Hult Center during the Latin Beat for Kids concert.  Again, the date is April 21 at 11:00 a.m.  Children should arrive by 10:00 for  a rehearsal followed by pre-concert activities in the lobby.
Sharing is Caring
Your child may have mentioned to you that classroom sharing has been on temporary hiatus as it has been “under construction.”  We took a break because we want to ensure that this part of the day is not only valuable for everyone but educational as well.   Starting next week, we will have a “sharing theme” for each week.  On Monday and Wednesdays, students are invited to bring something from home that relates to the theme.  Feel free to  be creative with the theme but no toys please.  Students will then be asked to contribute a piece of writing in the sharing book.  After the writing component is accomplished, they can then sign up on the whiteboard to share.  Where to look for theme of the week?  Why, the weekly update of course! 
Next weeks theme: Something from your parent's childhood