Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 3-19-12

posted Mar 20, 2012, 11:25 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Eat, dress, and walk like an Egyptian
Next Thursday, March 22 is our big celebration of all things Egyptian! We will be working on a mural of the Nile River, making a giant 3D pyramid, labeling our classroom with hieroglyphs, and eating an ancient Egyptian diet, including dates, flat bread, and “beer” (sparkling cider). Even PE will follow the Egyptian theme. 

We will do our best to dress like Ancient Egyptians. Men wore a linen kilt; women wore a tunic-style dress of linen. Children who would like to dress up can wear a belted adult-sized T-shirt over pants or shorts. We also have rectangles of cloth (left over from Greek Day) that we can pin to create kilts and tunics for any child who would like to get dressed at school. Bonus points for anyone who comes to school in a wig! (Wigs were worn by both Egyptian men and women.) We'll be doing some face painting, since Egyptians of both sexes also used cosmetics. 

We are seeking parent volunteers to help with the festivities. This is absolutely the MOST FUN way to get your volunteer hours in! Morning volunteers can help with dressing children and facilitating our mural painting. Afternoon volunteers will help with more art projects and maybe help them make an Egyptian treat. 

Have you heard about our wonderful movement program? Wendy leads the class each Wednesday afternoon in creative movement. Children learn about the concepts of dance as they move at different tempos, at high or low level, and travel along pathways that are straight, curved, parallel or intersecting. We integrate curriculum with dance. For example, the children have used stretchy bands to build different quadrilaterals; they've done lion dances to celebrate Chinese New Year, and "built pyramids" to help illustrate the contrast between heavy and light movements. Kids even work in small groups to choreograph their own dances.

Check in with your child next Wednesday to find out the latest way we're making learning a whole body experience! 

Upcoming Home Project 
In preparation for the Project Fair on April 19, we will be sending a "do at home" project next week. On Egypt Day, children will trace their bodies on butcher paper and cut out the life size figures. We will then send the "paper people" home. The assignment will involve students transforming the whole body cutouts into their own Egyptian personas! They will also have the opportunity to do some writing about their character. Look for assignment details and deadlines next Thursday.