Emily & Alyson's Weekly Update 12-9-11

posted Dec 9, 2011, 10:19 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Raptor Reminder
Brr! Remember to bundle up those kiddos for our field trip tomorrow. A warm jacket is not enough to keep them warm - they will also need extra layers, a hat and gloves.

Colonial Day
Next Tuesday we enter the Montessori time machine and visit the 1600s. Dressing up is encouraged! Colonial girls wore a hat or covered their hair with a bandanna or kerchief. They wore long skirts with an apron or overskirt and a button-down shirt or jacket. Leggings, tights or knee highs would work well as hose.

Colonial boys wore pants that reached just below the knee. Rolled up pants with long socks would help replicate this look. Boys also wore button-down shirts and buttoned jackets. Brimmed hats were often worn as well.

Both girls and boys had “pockets,” pouches that were attached to a belt. We'll be sewing colonial pockets next week, so a belt would be a great addition to your child's colonial outfit.

We will play colonial games with George in P.E., write with quill pens and ink, and have class according to colonial rules. That means that girls and boys will be seated separately. At lunch we'll use our colonial manners and sample some hasty pudding (corn mush) with molasses.

Post Office Visit
Today we walked over to the post office to send the first batch of letters on their way. Soon letters may start coming back in reply. If your child receives a letter, we'd love to share their excitement and show the rest of the class some more examples of letters. This project truly helps show the children the power of the written word!