Emily & Alysons's Weekly Update 2-27-12

posted Feb 27, 2012, 10:56 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Kung Fu begins on Monday! With this addition to our schedule, the kids are getting some extra movement time EVERY DAY in addition to recess. Thank you to everyone who responded so promptly with permission slips, and special thanks to Rachel Pereza for volunteering to share her expertise.

Write it in Egyptian!
Parent John Burridge visited this week to teach the kids more about Egyptian hieroglyphics. He gave a spirited presentation on the sounds and meanings of ancient Egyptian writing. The kids enjoyed translating their names into hieroglyphics.

Write it in English!
The kids are experimenting with different ways to get their thoughts down on paper. They've seen how to write a newspaper article, a letter, forms of poetry, and miniature books. Many are also writing nonfiction reports about Egypt. Coming soon - writing from a different point of view.

Hop into the Montessori time machine!
This time we're heading to 1300 B.C. We launch into the past on Thursday, March 22 for Egypt Day. Expect fabulous Egyptian clothing, authentic Egyptian food (minus the beer, of course), Egyptian games, and more.