Clint's Weekly Update 9-25-15

posted Sep 25, 2015, 1:07 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Families of Room 10!

Mary Kate and I really appreciated the huge turnout at the Parent Night last week.  There was a lot of positive energy in the room, especially for this year’s curricular ideas and for the end of the year trip.  

Work Plans

There are two main reasons that we ask students to use a work plan here in Room 10.  First, it provides students with a convenient way of tracking their own progress on the core work they are asked to engage with.  Second, it is an important form of communication about what your child is working on in class.  For example, if your child’s work plan has any yellow highlighted works without a teacher’s initials, then your child has incomplete works.  It is important that these assignments are given the attention they deserve and reviewing the work plan may be a good opportunity for you to have a discussion with your child about these works.


On Wednesday, a number of students proposed a different style of performance for this year’s Barnes and Noble Bookfair.  The idea is still in the initial stages of development, but does appears to require a large number of student participants.  If you are planning on attending the bookfair on Friday, November 13 (same day as Grandpersons’ Day), please email me so students can plan what they would like to do based on the number of students attending.  Thank you!

XtraMath and Typing Club

Also at the parent meeting, I mentioned that XtraMath and TypingClub would be up and running again this year.  Returning students have already been given their login names and passwords.  I am holding off on introducing these at-home skill development works to new students until they are able to get a feel for all of the other routines and procedures that have been introduced over the past few weeks.  

TypingClub is a service that I subscribe to, costing roughly $3.00 per student for a year-long account.  If you are able to send in $3.00 towards setting up your child’s account, it would help a lot.


I also want to thank those parents that took the time to sign up to volunteer for one or more of the items on the long list of projects that need your support.  If I have not been in contact with you yet about one of those projects, then it has already been completed or is in process.  

There is a need for a tech savvy volunteer that can come in during Morning Work Period to help new students set up their email accounts and related Googel Drive.  It is an important part of how students will be submitting formal drafts to me throughout the year for projects like the Calendar Project.  If you are interested in spending some time helping students get going with gmail and Google Drive, please email me.