Clint's Weekly Update 9-22-16

posted Sep 22, 2016, 10:36 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Whole Class Parent Meeting - Thank you!

A big thanks to all of the parents that showed up to make Thursday’s Parent Meeting entertaining and meaningful.  We started the evening with small group break-out sessions to facilitate new parents establishing connections with returning parents.  Then the whole group convened to discuss topics like the End of the Year Trip, Creative Expressions, Mary Kate’s social skills course, and homework.


If any questions, suggestions, or comments still linger, please let me know.

Math Fact and Touch Typing Practice

At the parent meeting last night we discussed the importance of Math Fact and Touch Typing Practice.  All returning students have had access to last year’s accounts for TypingClub and XtraMath, but only three students have been accessing their accounts since September 7.  So the big question is:

Do these programs have value for the current school year?  

Please email me your responses before September 30.

Considering both of these apps are to be utilized at home, I want to ensure there is enough support to continue using them.  For new parents, I can set up accounts for you and your child to demo.  Just ask and I’ll make it happen.

XtraMath is free but TypingClub costs about $100 for a class subscription.  TypingClub also has a free version, but when we used this version in the past parents and students complained about pop-up ads that block view of the page.  

Water Bottle and Indoor Shoes

Please support your child in keeping hydrated and keeping dirt/mud out of our classroom by reminding them to have a water bottle and indoor shoes here at school.  We will do our best to remind students to take their water bottles home every Friday for cleaning.  

Bike Safety Program

Every three years Ridgeline hosts the Bike Safety Program.  This year we have scheduled our class’ 10 one hour sessions for October 17-21 and 24-28.

The Safe Routes for Kids – Bicycle Safety Program is an Award Winning Curriculum Developed by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) and offered in partnership with SafeRoutes to Schools and the City of Eugene’s River House.  The program is 10 hours of curriculum with lots of on-bike practice.  The lesson sequence is as follows:

October 17-21

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Helmet fitting

Lesson 3: Bike fitting

Lesson 4: Rules of the Road and Stopping

Lesson 5: Turning left and right at a simulated intersection.

October 24-28

Lesson 6: Turning left and right using a low traffic intersection.

Lesson 7: Right of way at a 3-way intersection

Lesson 8: Right of way at a 4-way intersection

Lesson 9: Review

Lesson 10: Community Ride [Parents volunteers are needed for this community ride.  Please contact me if you are interested in getting out on your bike from 9-10am on October 28]

Our overall goal is for students to learn how to make independent decisions around risk, and also learn the rules of the road (even if they never bike again, they will be safer car drivers and more aware of bikers and pedestrians).

For more information about Safe Routes to School that is running the program, please visit:

Ancient Civilizations - Materials and Resources NEEDED!

Thank you to families that have already begun sending in books and magazines for this year’s cultural studies curriculum focused on Ancient Civilizations (primarily focused on Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, Greece, Rome, Mayans, and Aztecs).  

The Upper El Teaching Team is still looking to expand our collection of materials and resources for students to use.  The idea is to have at least 11 suitcases filled with reading material and artifacts that will help students create a broad understanding of different ancient civilizations.  Each suitcase is going to have a theme and will be rotated among the Upper El classrooms.  For example, I have a National Geographic magazine titled “The Most Influential Figures of Ancient History” and would be most helpful in the “Governments of Ancient Civilizations” themed suitcase.

Please send in anything that you think will help our collection grow while fitting the following themes:

  • Family structure

  • Housing

  • Health

  • Communication

  • Nutrition

  • Clothing

  • Arts and Entertainment

  • Religion

  • Government

  • Animals

  • Transportation

(We understand that many resources might be able to fit into multiple suitcases and might decide to make duplicates of some materials.)