Clint's Weekly Update 6-3-16

posted Jun 3, 2016, 9:43 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

Mark your calendars for:


Detail Oriented Totem Pole Painters Needed

On Sunday, June 5 at 9:00am, Vic and I will be hosting our final “Paint the Totem Pole Session”!  To finish up the totem pole before the protective polyurethane top coat gets applied, we need super detail oriented volunteers to come help out.

2”x2”s are Needed for the Totem Pole Raising Ceremony

On June 14, the students carrying the totem pole from the outdoor classroom to its permanent location next to the Ridgeline sign will need to use 2”x2” like is shown in this photo:

For our “lightweight” totem pole we will need about ten 2”x2” pieces of wood that are 4-5 feet long.  We already have a few so if you have some splinter free ones laying around, please send them with your son or daughter.

Your Photos from the Camping Trip

If you took any photos during the camping trip, please consider sharing them with me so we can create an end of the year slideshow.  The easiest way for me to access photos is via a shared folder in Google Drive.  Your son or daughter’s Ridgeline email account is an incognito Gmail account so he or she can do the uploading and sharing for you!

Clint’s Montessori Training

Clint has found lodging for one week (out of the seven weeks he’ll be in the Bothell, WA area for his Montessori training).  If you know anyone in that area that might be willing to share a room for a day or a week please contact Clint.  His training this summer is June 27 – August 10.

Coffee Grinder for Wood Chips is Still Needed

In preparation for the totem pole raising ceremony on June 14, we will need to make smudge.  Brenda Brainard with the Natives Program said that she uses a coffee grinder to make the wood chips fine enough to be used as smudge.  Please let me know if you are willing to loan a coffee grinder so some students can make the smudge in class.