Clint's Weekly Update 5-26-16

posted May 26, 2016, 11:21 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

Thank you all so much for making this year’s End of the Year Trip the positive and transformative experience it was.  A sampling of some of the photos from the trip are at the end of this email.:

Missing Items from the End of the Year Trip  

  • Did you loan us an item that has not been returned yet?

  • Did you son or daughter misplace a favorite sock while on the trip?

  • Did one of your tents come back without tent stakes or poles?

  • Do you now have a storage container without a matching lid?

Please email Clint with a description of anything that you are still looking for and we’ll send out a master list to see if we can locate the item(s) for you.

Items that are still in the classroom and deserve to be claimed are pictured below:


Volunteer Hours for Chaperones

The time you spent on the trip counts towards your families volunteer hours. Jen Hackstadt will be working on the Ridgeline volunteer hour tally this weekend, and she will automatically give each chaperone family their hours (no need to log them separately). Each of the chaperones will get 78 hours for the trip!!! If you went grocery shopping for the classroom, helped pack/unpack in the classroom or did other errands for the trip, please log those hours separately.

Your Photos from the Camping Trip

If you took any photos during the camping trip, please consider sharing them with me so we can create an end of the year slideshow.  The easiest way for me to access photos is via a shared folder in Google Drive.  Your son or daughter’s Ridgeline email account is an incognito Gmail account so he or she can do the uploading and sharing for you!

Clint’s Montessori Training

Clint is trying to piece together lodging in order to reduce expenses for his further Montessori training.  He plans to complete the training over three summers.  Does anyone have family/friends in the Bothell or Woodinville, WA area who might be willing to share a room for a day?  A  week?  His training this summer is June 27 – August 10.

Coffee Grinder for Wood Chips

In preparation for the totem pole raising ceremony on June 14, we will need to make smudge.  Brenda Brainard with the Natives Program said that she uses a coffee grinder to make the wood chips fine enough to be used as smudge.  Please let me know if you are willing to loan a coffee grinder so some students can make the smudge in class.  

And now some photo highlights from the trip...

TSA inspectors doing their jobs:P5161357.JPG

Packing up the gear truck: P5151330.JPG

Bob at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center: P5171361.JPG

Setting up camp: P5171416.JPG

Knife safety class:P5171449.JPG

Meal prep: P5181508.JPG

Walking the Barlow Road: P5171462.JPG

Museum at Warm Springs: P5181495.JPG

The Great River Great Lesson During the Thursday’s Campfire : P5191703.JPG