Clint's Weekly Update 5-23-14

posted May 23, 2014, 10:37 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families 

The Enchanted Forest End of the Year Trip has enough parent drivers! Thank you parent volunteers. Once I have all the permission slips, then I will begin arranging carpool groups. 

This week all students completed their OAKS testing. It was impressive how quiet the room was while students were testing. This class was really supportive of those at the computers. If your son or daughter has not told you their scores, please contact me and I can let you know how they performed. 

We are also taking time to explore a science unit called Microworlds where students use hand lenses to extend the sense of sight to view objects in greater detail. In the coming weeks, students will be observing everyday objects with a variety of lenses, learning that a magnifier must be transparent and curved. Students use a microscope, learn the functions of all its parts, and practice proper lighting and focusing techniques. Preparing their own slides, students are able to view onion skin under magnification. Students then turn their attention to living specimens. Observing the structure of these microorganisms, and how they move, feed, grow, and multiply, develops the students’ sense of microbial life and interactions among living things and between living things and their environment. 

Upcoming Events: 
5/23/14 11am-12:45pm Move Up Day
5/29/14 5:30pm End of Year Picnic & 6:30pm Outdoor Classroom Dedication
6/3/14 3:30-4:30pm Paula’s Retirement Open House
6/3/14 Papa’s Pizza Fundraiser
6/7/14 9am – 2pm CC Rummage Sale 

 Clint and Mary Kate