Clint's Weekly Update 5-2-18

posted May 2, 2018, 11:43 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Alternate Homework for the Month of May

With the state tests taking up about an hour per day for students, I would like to ask that students do something a little different with homework in order to continue making progress towards completing their 2019 calendar projects. Instead of practicing touch typing it would be helpful if students completed note cards on their calendar research topics instead. If at least ten notecards have been checked off any subtopic, then students are encouraged to start creating the accompanying artwork.

Practice State Tests Start This Week

Starting this week we have been taking our practice session for the Smarter Balanced tests so students can become familiar with the structure of the test.  The actual state tests begin the week of April 30 and will be conducted in Room 11.

May 7 – 11

English Language Arts - Performance Task

May 14 – 18

MATH - Computer Adapted Test

May 21–25

MATH - Performance Task

May 29 – June 1

5th Grade Science and extra time as needed

In the past, students gave each other the following advice for the English Language Arts tests:

  1. Read the directions!

  2. Take your time.

  3. Use the paragraph model that you know works for you: TS CD E1 E2 CS.

  4. Cite your sources.

  5. Revise. Revise. Revise.

  6. Self edit. Seriously... Self edit! Nobody is going to be there to catch the fixies you don't catch.  

Supporting Your Child During Testing

The night before any big test, make sure your child gets plenty of sleep. For optimal school performance, most Upper El-aged kids need about 10 hours of sleep.

On test day,  fuel your child's brain with a healthy breakfast. One study showed that kids who eat a healthy breakfast (about one-quarter of the day's nutritional requirements) make fewer errors on tests.

Breakout Biology Message for 6th Year Families from Sharon Fitzsimmons

I have been honored to teach this year's 6th grade Breakout Biology for all of Upper El at Ridgeline. I just wanted to let you know that we're coming up on our last unit of human biology: we're ending with reproduction.

On May 1, your student had a basic anatomy lesson which talked about puberty and the reproductive functions of human parts. We used the terminology "people with male bodies" and "people with female bodies" in reference to these functions. We discussed sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases. We asked students to save their questions about sexual relationships for their families at home, since many people have strong opinions on this topic.

On May 8, your student will have a lesson about human growth and development. This will involve basic methods of pregnancy prevention, the development of a fertilized egg, and the process of birth. Per Oregon state health standards, students will receive the message that abstinence is the most effective method of prevention from STD/HIV and pregnancy. (HE.1.5.7)

In both of these weeks, I stress to students that their questions are normal and helpful. I do make very clear that any research outside of the lesson should be done at home (not in the classroom) and *with an adult,* since there is inappropriate and false information on the internet on this topic in particular.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them! Thank you for entrusting me with your children!