Clint's Weekly Update 4-10-14

posted Apr 14, 2014, 9:04 AM by Cynthia Friedman   [ updated Apr 14, 2014, 10:32 AM ]
Dear Families, 

This week the sixth grade math group had a fabulous quest teacher. Experienced Montessorian and former Ridgeline teacher Jen Wyld made a visit to our classroom to introduce the cubing materials. Students in her math group received a fabulous lesson and were really excited to complete their follow-up. She will continue with the math group through the end of April. 

In preparation for the sixth visit by Tristan, our class' architect in residence, students chose fictitious clients to work for. Popular architectural design clients included an international art dealer, an award winning video game developer, and a local business owner planning to expand his chain of stores. Students then completed their brainstorms and bubble diagrams for their clients. Next week's due dates for this project are: 

April 15: Rough Drafts of 2 Floor Plans
April 16: Rough Draft of the Written Explanation
April 17: Formal Draft of 1 Floor Plan 

While Tristan was with us he taught students how to draw elevations from their existing floor plans and took time to critique each student's last plans. His valuable feedback was taken to heart and will surely make a difference during the next phase of their projects. 

Upcoming Events: 
4/9/14 Lottery for 2014-15 enrollment
4/11/14 Capital Campaign Thank You Dinner hosted by Jeff & Thea Cook
4/11/14 Parent’s Time Out
4/12/14 OBOB State Tournament (GO RIDGELINE!)
4/28/14 Mazzi’s RCO fundraiser 5-9pm 

I would like to announce that Architects in Schools would like to use photos taken during the University of Oregon field trip.  Some of the photos may be used in exhibit at the Hult Center starting on May 9.  Please notify me if you do not want your son or daughter's picture included.  

Have a great weekend. 

Clint and Mary Kate