Clint's Weekly Update 2-6-15

posted Feb 19, 2015, 10:28 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

I am happy to announce that each student in my class now has their own email account.  Twelve students have already used their new account to submit their science fair project proposals to me!  

Adult Volunteers Needed for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar Tutorials

With the introduction of this new (for some) communication and collaboration tool, I am in search of adult volunteers that can meet with students during school hours in order to teach some students how to more effectively use Gmail, Google Documents, and Google Calendar.  Ideally each volunteer would work with 1-2 students at a time, providing hands-on tutorials about the most useful components of these online applications.  If you are interested, please email me.

Work Plans

At the elementary level many schools implement work plans to assist the child in study skills.

With the work plan in hand, the child then has a guide from which to choose what to work on at any given moment during the Morning Work Period.  By using work plans and planners, students are practicing a lifelong skill that will help them to organize and plan their work.  Thank you for looking over your child’s work plan each week and asking them about what they accomplished and what they still have to focus on.  

University of Oregon Science and Invention Fair Information

The 2015 UO Science and Invention Fair will be held on the UO Campus May 9, 2014.  Ridgeline will be holding our own Project Fair prior to the UO event.  

I am currently working with the coordinators of the UO Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence (SPICE) so our class can host instructors that will be able to provide invaluable support to students.  Workshops cover topics like the scientific method, choosing a project topic, research questions design, project planning, data analysis, and project presentation.  

Registration, Fees & Scholarships: Registration for the science fair is as simple as filling out a Science Fair Registration Application and submitting a $20 registration fee (financial hardship scholarships are available by checking the scholarship box on the application form).  The registration deadline is April 30th, 2015

Please visit for more information about the UO Science Fair rules and guidelines, including the use of human and animal subjects.

After School Programs At Ridgeline

Several organizations are now offering after school programs at Ridgeline! If you are interested in after school activities for your student(s) see details near the bottom of the eNews in a new section called “After School Programs At Ridgeline.” Current programs include: Imagination Yoga, Young Rembrandts, and TGA Tennis & Golf.

Parent Volunteers

Please make sure that you log your hours.  Mid-year tallies are coming up, and we want to count you in.