Clint's Weekly Update 2-28-14

posted Feb 28, 2014, 10:01 AM by Cynthia Friedman
The next round of Project Fair deadlines has been changed to provide your child with more time to do a good job.  All of the following deadlines are for formal drafts that will go on the display board.  Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar is expected on formal drafts.  For more information about any of the items due, please visit and search for the item. 

The pink items are now due on Monday, March 3.  These items are the revised drafts of the following:
  • Data Analysis 
  • Abstract
  • Conclusion
  • Pictures and/or Graphics
The light green items and the dark green items are now due on Thursday, March 6.  These items are the formal draft submissions of the following:
  • Problem or question being investigated
  • Background research with citations
  • Hypothesis
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Variables
  • Materials list
  • Data Analysis 
  • Title
  • By Line with School
  • Abstract
  • Conclusion
  • Pictures and/or Graphics

Display boards can be constructed out of recycled cardboard and tape or can be purchased.  Ridgeline sells display boards for $3.00 each.  Office supply stores also carry them.

Criteria for display boards can be found at

  1. Architects in Schools Program: This week we hosted the first session with architects Tristan and Tessa.  They will be working with the class for the next five Tuesdays to prepare students to create their own architectural design that connects to the history activator unit.
  2. Creative Expressions:  We now have enough volunteers to start the next round of Creative Expressions.  Once we have the blurbs written for each session, we will meet with the volunteers, students will vote, and we will organize groups.  My target date to begin is the first week after Spring Break.
  3. OBOB: The 6th-8th Grade OBOB team is competing on Saturday, March 1 from 8:30-11am.  The 3rd-5th Grade team will be competing on Saturday, March 8.  Talk to an OBOB member for more information, or visit the OBOB website.
  4. Pre-Lottery Information Sessions:  Another one is scheduled for March 8.