Clint's Weekly Update 12-8-16

posted Dec 8, 2016, 12:11 PM by Cynthia Friedman


December 12-16

Joy of Sharing

December 16th

Last day of Second Term

December 19th - January 3

Winter Break

January 4th

Term 3 Begins

January 13th

Grandparents’ Day

January 13th

Talent Show

January 16th

No School - In Honor of  Martin Luther King

January 20th

No School - Professional Development

January 30th

No School - Grading Day


OBOB - Upper-el and middle school participants wanted! - We have three sets of the OBOB books from a one time grant and we need more OBOB participants! This is for grades 6-8. OBOB will meet again on Wednesday, December 14th 3:15-4:30pm and then after winter break they will meet weekly on Wednesdays. Questions? Email Tiffany Petry at

Joy of Sharing – Our annual food drive, the Joy of Sharing begins December 12 and runs through December 16. Please bring nonperishable donations to school this week!  In addition to food, other items such as toilet paper and personal hygiene items are welcome.  With the donated items, we will create and distribute food baskets to Ridgeline families in need, to help them over winter break. Please contact Kayla if you would like to suggest a family to receive a Joy of Sharing basket.

Lice in the Middle School Community! - Ridgeline Lice Policy has changed to reflect the safety and needs of our community.  Lice is not considered a health issue, but a nuisance.  Thus, Ridgeline is no longer using academic time to do head checks, and we are not barring students from attending school due to this issue.  Middle School Parents have reported lice issues in the middle school community recently.  Please check your student regularly and educate them regarding behaviors that increase and decrease the risk of transmitting lice.


Math -

Jupiter grades is a large component of parent communication in the middle school.  Grades are posted daily!  Please check on your student’s progress.  Logins and Passwords were sent out early in the year.  If your student has a tutor, you may contact me to give your ok  for them to receive a login and password to access your student’s grades and assignments. Be sure to include their contact information in your email.


Early this week we used a line graph to ascertain the distance P and S waves travelled, by referencing the difference in their arrival times at three seismograph stations. Ask your students how can it be that one can tell the distance the waves travelled using just the difference in arrival times between primary (compression) body waves, and secondary (transverse) waves.  We used compasses to map a circle (the distance was the radius of the circle) describing the possible locations of the epicenter of the earthquake.  Ask your students how the possible locations of the source was narrowed down as we recorded the information from each new seismograph station.  

Later this week we practiced navigating the US Geological Survey website.  We were all impressed by the number earthquakes occurring worldwide on a daily basis. Each group noted the locations of a week’s worth of earthquakes within a certain region, and shared them on our classroom Big World Map.  Together we will look for patterns in this earthquake data, and discuss with other student scientists what we need to investigate further to understand the reason for these patterns.  Many students already associate plate boundaries with earthquake activity.  If that is the case, then why is there no earthquake activity in Iceland where there is a high concentration of plate boundaries, and there is a high number of earthquakes in Oklahoma and Hawaii where there are no plate boundaries? Our investigations continue...



Most students are needle and wet felting at this point.  One prolific student has her holiday present stockpile almost complete.  It’s a pretty sweet deal we have, creating art while we listen to TRUE practice their tunes.  Just another rough afternoon in the Ridgeline Middle School.

Room 7 Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks to the parents who volunteered to launder our classroom rags!  We appreciate you!

Every day I wake up with gratitude for my life and community.  We live in the beautiful state of Oregon, and together, create a positive caring learning community at Ridgeline.  In class, we share laughter, engage in discussion and debate, revel in a-ha moments… We work hard and have fun.  This may just make up for my own middle school experience.  Thanks for sharing your amazing students!

Carrie and Taylor