Clint's Weekly Update 11/1/13

posted Nov 6, 2013, 10:37 AM by Cynthia Friedman


If you have not had the chance to sign up for conferences on either Friday, November 1 or Monday, November 4, please see the sign-up sheet in the office lobby.  A few slots are still available on Friday and many more are still available on Monday. 


On Wednesday, October 30, we had a special guest visit us to lead Mindfulness.  Back in September, John Russell trained the Ridgeline staff in Mindfulness and has already been to Sarah’s classroom this year.  His goal is to make available Mind-Body Wellness to all, regardless of class, culture, color, creed, life-style preference, etc., for the benefit of all living creatures.  Please ask your son or daughter more about this amazing special guest.


This week, students also had the opportunity to research their cultural studies Questions of Inquiry by first asking “micro questions.”  These are more focused and specific questions than the broad overarching Questions of Inquiry.  Students then searched through books and online resources to answer these smaller questions, while citing their sources.


Mark your calendars:  The class’ performance at this year’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair is scheduled for November 15 @ 7:15pm.  A committee of students is currently trying to determine the content for a comedy show.  We should begin practicing next week.


From the Office:  The Food Pantry is dangerously low on food.  Donations are always welcome.


Clint and Mary Kate