Clint's Weekly Update 11-9-16

posted Nov 9, 2016, 10:20 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Thank you for taking the time to attend your child’s annual conference. We had 100% participation this year and set many meaningful goals with students.  

“Live” Conference Notes

The Google Document that Mary Kate created and shared with you during the conference can be a useful source of information when you are discussing work and work plans with your child.  Please consider this document as a “live” document that you can edit by adding strategies and goals to at any time.  If you want me to see any revisions, please share the document with me again or select the “Email collaborators…” option under the File Menu.

Calendar Project

Calendar projects are an ambitious research and writing project that has become a tradition for students here in Room 10.  The 4th Years are busy putting the finishing touches on some first drafts, with some students making a lot of progress with their revisions.  Fifth and 6th Years are starting their first drafts this week by identifying key information from their research that can serve as “Concrete Details” for each paragraph.

Important information about the 2017 Calendars:

  • Calendars must be ready to print by December 9th to guarantee copies will be made in time for Winter Break.

  • Any calendars received after December 9th will be considered late work and should be completed at home over the Winter Break.  We will not dedicate any class time to this project after the break.

  • One spiral bound calendar will be made for each student, free of charge.  Additional copies cost $1.75 each.  

Please follow the link below for the electronic copy of the 2017 Calendar Project Order Form that will also be sent home next week:

Cultural Studies

Our class has been continuing to focus on the history of sanitation.  The class has decided to continue our read aloud of the first chapter of “A Million Years in a Day” by Greg Jenner: “Answering the Call of Nature.”  The chapter is transitioning from describing the history of toilet paper during pre-literate and ancient times to the “unsanitary” habits during the medieval time period.  

Groups of students are currently forming to research the locations where some of the already discussed cultures existed.  Once two or more teams verify the location, then a marker goes up on the classroom wall map, along with a marker on our wall-length timeline.  So far we have verified the location of the fascinating ancient settlement of Skara Brae, a stone-built Neolithic settlement, located on the largest island in the Orkney archipelago of Scotland.

Students conducting research at home is strongly encouraged.

The Physics of Rock 'n Roll - Thursday, November 10, 7pm

The Physics of Rock 'n Roll - Mark your calendars and spread the word!  UofO Physics Instructor, Stanley Micklavzina and Ridgeline alum, Alden Micklavzina bring The Physics of Rock 'n Roll to Ridgeline on Thursday, November 10th.  It will be an evening of sound, lights and physics phun!  Gym doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7pm.  $5 donation per person or $20 per family to benefit the capital campaign.  Ridgeline Rising thanks Dr. Stan Micklavzina for supporting our forever home!

Barnes & Noble Book Fair – Friday, November 18, 6pm

Ridgeline’s annual Barnes & Noble Bookfair is Friday, November 18th. A percentage of the sales using our bookfair ID at Barnes & Noble during the bookfair event day (and through November 22), will go to the teachers to buy books for their classrooms. We will have an event at Barnes & Noble 6-8pm on November 18th. Each classroom is working on a performance. Stay tuned for more details in future eNews and teacher’s weekly updates.

Performance Schedule (All performances will be in the music area).:

  • 6:00pm            Diana – Reciting poems “What is a book?” and “I like fall.”

                Kindergarten singing with Middle School

                    Middle School – T.R.U.E. performance

  • 6:25pm            Eric's Class - limericks and haikus

  • 6:37pm            Cheri's Class - 2 or 3 songs

  • 6:48pm            Emily's Class – Poetry Recital

  • 7:00pm            book buying break!

  • 7:15pm            Clint's Class - Greek Play "That City is Mine"

  • 7:30pm            Mary's Class - “Aesop's Fables"

  • 7:45pm            Sharon's Class – Skit from Miss Peregrine’s   “Home for Peculiar Children”

  • 8:00pm            Adult Uke Group

Features at the book fair this year:

Welcome table inside the front door of the bookstore for Ridgeline families to get a book fair schedule and book fair ID sticker. This sticker will assist Barnes & Noble staff in identifying book fair shoppers to ensure that all qualifying purchases count towards our book fair.

Teachers’ wish list book bins and OBOB books will be in the children’s department, along with the bookmark-making table.

Stone Soup – Wednesday, November 23

Ridgeline’s long standing tradition of Stone Soup is Wednesday, November 23rd. Students bring vegetables to school on Tuesday and slice them in the classrooms for the communal soups that our amazing volunteers cook outside the gym the next day.