Clint's Weekly Update 11-5-15

posted Nov 5, 2015, 1:47 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

We are getting closer to our mission’s launch to the NUGYRO System!  The final preparations before countdown are well underway with students assembling their spacecrafts and propulsion systems.  Students are combining resources for purchase and carefully packing their food, supplies, and replacement spacecraft parts.  

Our destination is Planet 3 in the NUGYRO Planetary System because NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) has proposed that any astronaut to undertake the dangerous journey should receive free land on that planet.  (Of course, NASA’s Advisory Council (NAC) and chief administrator will need to approve the proposal before it takes effect.)  

Those individuals already on Planet 3 are getting ready for our arrival, opening a private school for the children of NASA astronauts in NUGYRO City.  In addition, those on Planet 3 can now brag that they have the very first university to be established on the far side of the Great Void.


An image of the the entire NUGYRO System,

with the three inner planets separated from the four outer planets

by asteroids from the Major Asteroid Belt.

Reminder: The Week of November 3-6 is a “Bonus” Week for Students

The work plans being sent home at the end of this week will be the same as for the weeks of October 11-29.  Many students are taking advantage of this “bonus” week by getting caught up with missing work, moving ahead with the Calendar Project, and spending time on NUGYRO-related tasks.

WANTED: An Unsplit Firewood Round

I would like to borrow one piece of unsplit firewood for the rest of the semester.  The ideal piece would be 18”+ inches in diameter and about half the normal length.  Students will be using it as a pseudo-stage for reading their NUGYRO captain’s log entries to the class (i.e. reading their log entry on a log).

Volunteer Wanted to Help Design a Student Work Tracking System

I would like to consult with a computer program designer to discuss ways of tracking student work completion.  The platform would most likely be Google Sheets and/or Documents.  If you have an interest in helping me develop a way to do this, I would like to hear from you.

Friday 11/13 – Grandperson’s Day & Barnes & Noble Book Fair

On Friday, November 6, we will send home a note with your child to confirm that we received your grandperson’s RSVP and a permission slip for you to sign, if you wish for your child(ren) to go home with his/her grandperson.  Please return the completed permission slip to the office by Tuesday, November 10.

As you know, parking is extremely limited here at the school. We encourage you to consider dropping off and picking up your grandperson, if possible. All staff and volunteers are being asked to park at Crossfire and walk that day to help reserve spaces closer to school for our visitors. Last year we had nearly one hundred attendees!

Please review the schedule and remind your grandperson that they will need to bring their own lunch.  Ridgeline will have light refreshments when they arrive, but lunch is not provided.

Here is the schedule for Grandperson’s Day - November 13:

10:15     Arrive, sign in, and enjoy refreshments

10:45     Welcome and introductions

11:15     Montessori presentation

11:45     Visit classrooms and enjoy your sack lunch with your special young person

12:20     Switch classrooms (if you are visiting more than one young person)

1:00       Sign out and depart

Barnes & Noble Book Fair – November 13

Classroom Performance Schedule*

         6:00 Kinder – Reciting poems “What is a book?” and “I like fall?”

         6:15 Jon – T.R.U.E. performance

         6:40 Emily – “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Pig”

         6:55 Cheri – Peace readings

         7:10 Eric – “Birth, Life, and Death of a Star”

         7:25 Mary – Sketch

         7:40 Sharon – Scene from Hamlet

         *Commercial breaks between some acts provided by Clint’s class


All classroom performances will be in the music department this year.  Bookmark making table, teacher’s wish list books, and OBOB books will be in the children’s department.

Bookfair ID - 11721487