Clint's Weekly Update 11-20-14

posted Nov 20, 2014, 11:05 AM by Cynthia Friedman
3 Islands Project
This week the 3 Island characters experienced, witnessed, or heard about:
The company’s decision to hold the Islanders accountable for its financial troubles by charging exorbitant fees for the use of 3 Island materials.
The Islanders being required to house and feed the company’s security force.
The company’s coffee shops being destroyed by Islanders dressed as Mysterious Figures.
The company’s response to the coffee shop attacks by suspending payment to the Islanders while requiring them to house and feed more security personnel.

A mob of Islanders taunting some of the company’s security guards until the guards opened fire on them.

The company’s security forces marching on some of the Islanders’ hidden cache of weapons and destroying much of the town in the process.

Some Islanders fortifying two hills near a major city on the Upper Island before being attacked by the company.

Islanders sending representatives to write a document that outlines their beliefs about what makes a good company, states what the NEMSC CEO had done wrong, and announces that the 3 Island territories are now free of NEMSC control. Students had their characters celebrate the creation of “The United Islands” with a ceremonial document signing and a collective sigh of relief.

With the completion of step #8, comes the official end of the 3 Islands Project for our classroom. It has been a long, exciting, dangerous, and rewarding journey. I am very proud of the balance that students were learning to have between being a student in Upper El and a character in this elaborate storyline. Now, the class goal is to transition from 3 Island life to studying about the history of the early United States of America.

Stone Soup: Wednesday, November 26
For those of you that are new to Ridgeline:

Allergy Information: We will be serving vegetable soup during our Stone Soup celebration made with organic vegetable broth. (ingredients of the broth include: water, carrots, onion, celery, tomatoes, leeks, sea salt, mushrooms, garlic, savory leaf, bay leaf). If your child has an allergy to any vegetables that may include broth ingredients, please send your child to school that day with his or her own soup. While attempts were made in previous years to accommodate student allergies, the numbers of allergies has increased to the point that we can no longer accommodate every student. Thank you for your understanding.

Stone Soup All-School Assembly: HOOP DANCE AND JUGGLING! $2 per attendee

Grandpersons’ Day
What a huge success! Thank you all for entertaining our guests. We had at least 90 visitors! WOW.

Thank you for your participation in the bookfair. That night we hit record sales of $5800!

Math Club
Thursdays from 3:15-4:15 in Jenny’s Space

The Calendar
Friday, 11/21 OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30 pm
Friday, 11/21 All Staff Meeting
Friday, 11/21 Student Council, 8:45 in the Library
Saturday, 11/22 T.R.U.E. Grrlz Rock Performance at Sam Bonds 6:30-7 pm
Tuesday, 11/25 Bring vegetables to slice for Stone Soup
Wednesday, 11/26 Stone Soup
Thursday, 11/27 NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving
Friday, 11/28 NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break
Monday, 12/1 NO SCHOOL – Professional Development