Clint's Weekly Update 11-18-15

posted Nov 18, 2015, 10:43 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

What a fabulous turnout for our annual book fair! We had many positive comments about the amazing performances by the students this year. We do not have a final total yet, but by the end of Friday night, Barnes & Noble reported that we had almost $4,700 in sales.

Ridgeline will be getting 25% back in gift cards so that they can buy more books for the classroom.  Once the gift card arrives, Mary Kate and I will be talking with students about what genre of books they would most like to have in the classroom.

NUGYRO Storyline

Many students are now convinced that the NUGYRO Storyline is based on Oregon Trail events.  If this is the line of thinking at your house, I encourage you and your child to begin accumulating evidence from actual Oregon Trail journals, historical markers, historians, museums, encyclopedias, and trusted online sources.  The process of supporting one’s thinking by empirical means is an important skill that families can enjoy doing at home.  

So the next time your child comments that the materials needed to make a NUGYRO spaceship could actually be rearranged to make a covered wagon, consider asking to be shown how the pieces can fit together to support their proposition.  The next time he or she suggests that hunting bantha and tauntaun ( represents how the Oregon Trail immigrants hunted buffalo, think about doing an online search together.  Comparing and contrasting a first-hand account of a buffalo hunt to our in-class experience with a bantha, can help our entire community develop important evidence-based thinking habits.



Buffalo hunters accompanying covered wagons on the Oregon Trail 1800s Stock Photo

NUGYRO-bound astronauts from Clint’s Class after a successful bantha and tauntaun hunt

Buffalo hunters accompanying covered wagons on the Oregon Trail 1800s.

Stone Soup

Bring Vegetables: Tuesday, November 24

Celebration: Wednesday, November 25

Please send $2 with your student to help cover the cost of the Louisiana Fiddle Music Performance. Students should also bring a bowl and spoon for stone soup.

School Spirit Fridays

We want to show our school spirit by inviting everyone to wear Ridgeline gear or blue (this year’s school color) on Fridays. Please join in!