Clint's Weekly Update 11-15-13

posted Nov 15, 2013, 10:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman

The Book Fair at Barnes & Noble is on Friday, November 15th!  During the evening Book Fair event, teachers will have bins containing wish list books they would like for their classrooms. A percentage of the purchases at Barnes & Noble the day of the Book Fair will go to Ridgeline. This includes friends and family around the country! Just give them the Book Fair ID number: 11221900. All purchases need to be made between November 15-20. You must tell the cashier you are with the Book Fair and give the ID number in order for your purchase to count.


Here is the schedule:

6:00 pm        Middle School will play their ukuleles                                          

6:15pm         Kindergarten to recite poems “I Like Fall” and “What is a Book”     

6:30pm         Eric’s classes puppet show to Aesop’s Fables                              

6:45pm         Emily’s class will be doing a poetry reading                                  

7:00pm         Dana’s class will share poems and research projects              

7:15pm         Clint’s Class will do a show                                         

7:30pm         The Ridgeline Choir to sing      


Vegetables and Stone Soup – Please send in vegetables next Thursday, November 21st!


REMINDER:  Signed work plans are the main form of communicating to you what exactly was assigned and completed during the week.  Please take the time to ask your child about each item, sign it, and have it returned to me on the first day of each week.  (This week only 13 our of 28 were returned on time.)