Clint's Weekly Update 11-14-14

posted Nov 17, 2014, 9:35 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

Thank you for taking the time to attend your child's conference.  Mary Kate and I have a great group of kids and families this year.  

Note: Due to having the chance to visit with you during conferences and because of the short week, work plans will not be sent home on Friday, November 14.  Instead, one work plan will cover this week and next week.  Look forward to signing your child’s work plan on Friday, November 21.

3 Islands Project

From a character’s point of view: The rumors were true.  Over the holiday, mysterious figures did attack the 3 Islands and caused considerable damage to the economic activities we were developing.  Our ships were broken apart, textiles ripped to shreds, and flour stolen or strewn around town.  Some of our money was stolen.  In addition, purple dudes and other characters have gone missing.  We are determined to rebuild and recover from this experience.

From a classroom perspective: When students arrived to school on Wednesday morning, they found their 3 Islands work in shambles.  Model ship masts and hulls were broken apart.  Seams were ripped out of the clothing they were sewing.  The bags of rice flour were either missing or broken open.  Some of the new characters were not on the wall displays.  Students themselves were prepared for the damage and quickly started to make repairs.    

Bookfair Performance Schedule - Friday, November 14

6:00 kinder

6:15 Cheri

6:30 Emily

6:45 Eric

7:00 Jon

7:15 Clint

7:30 Dana

7:45 Sarah

No Music Classes

The search for someone to teach music continues.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please see the office staff.

Math Club

After school Math Club has started.  See the office staff to sign up.  The goal is for the math club be a place where student can improve their basic math facts, understand area better, work with fractions and arithmetic with fraction. Ideally they will strengthen their foundations.  Additionally, other students who enjoy math are welcome to attend. I hope to make it entertaining for students who already have a good grasp of their math facts.


The next OBOB meeting will be on November 21!  This is only once a month until January.  We are still looking for additional parent volunteer support for the younger kids.

Fieldtrip to Fish Creek

Thank you to the five fabulous volunteers that accompanied our class on the fieldtrip to Fish Creek.  While at the site, students participated in activities, including a water bug survey, a “smelly simulation” that helped students better understand how salmon migrate, a food web game, salmon viewing, and water quality testing.  It was a worthwhile trip where students were engaged in hands-on activities to learn about the natural spawning activities of Pacific Northwest salmon.

Fieldtrip to Alton Baker Park

Thank you to all of the parents that met us at Alton Baker Park for our native plant planting and weed pull extravaganza.  I was impressed by the students’ enthusiasm for this type of work.

School-Wide Calendar of Events

Friday, 11/14                     Grandpersons’ Day at Ridgeline 10:45 am-1 pm

Friday, 11/14                     Ridgeline Book Fair at Barnes & Noble

Tuesday, 11/18                 Capital Campaign Meeting 6:30 pm

Friday, 11/21                     OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30 pm

Saturday, 11/22                T.R.U.E. Grrlz Rock Performance at Sam Bonds 6:30-7 pm

Tuesday, 11/25                 Bring vegetables to slice for Stone Soup

Wednesday, 11/26            Stone Soup

Thursday, 11/27                NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving

Friday, 11/28                     NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

Monday, 12/1                    NO SCHOOL – Professional Development