Clint's Weekly Update 10-6-16

posted Oct 7, 2016, 11:46 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Room 10’s Weekly Update for September 26-30

Appropriate Shoes for PE!

Please remind your child to wear athletic type shoes on PE days. Lyndsay has had several kids wearing boots/sandals and other unsafe footwear, and some falls have occurred because of wearing the wrong shoes with no traction.   Appropriate shoes would be closed-toe tennis shoes.  

Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions started last week with students having their first classes: do it yourself art, chess, stretching, quilting, and slacklining.  Thanks for the parent volunteers that have stepped up to offer their talents and special interests to small groups of students over the course of six Friday mornings.

Math and Touch Typing Tracking Calendar

Parents that responded to the survey about math and touch typing indicated that there is support for students completing these activities at home.  However, if computer or Internet access is not possible at home, then you are encouraged to ask that your child complete this work at school during the Morning Work Period.

In this week’s Home Folder you will find a calendar for your child to keep track of their math and touch typing homework.  The instructions on the front cover ask that a parent approve at least:

  • 4 days a week of math* homework and

  • 4 days a week of touch typing homework

*If your child is able to answer all of the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts fluently (3-5 seconds each), then encourage him/her to arrange with you a different type of math practice, like Khan Academy.   Students are welcome to use the XtraMath and TypingClub accounts that I have set up for them, or select different programs with parent approval.


Four pumpkins have arrived.  We will need at least 29, one for each student (but a few extra would be good because of possible carving goofups).  The larger and more spherical the pumpkin, the better...the surprise theme needs a lot of carving space!

Bike Safety Program

Below I have provided links to a letter from the City of Eugene and an Agreement to Participate form for the bike safety program.  Hard copies of both will also be sent home on Friday inside the Home Folder.  Please take the time to read through both, complete the Agreement to Participate form, and return it on Monday.

Welcome letter link:

Agreement to Participate link:

More parents volunteers still invited to participate in the October 28 community ride, between 9-10am.  Please contact me if you are able to join the ride.

Students are also encouraged to bring their own bikes and helmets.  NOTE: Only helmets that pass inspection will be used during the program.

Our overall goal is for students to learn how to make independent decisions around risk, and also learn the rules of the road (even if they never bike again, they will be safer car drivers and more aware of bikers and pedestrians).

For more information about Safe Routes to School that is running the program, please visit: