Clint's Weekly Update 10-2-18

posted Oct 2, 2018, 8:37 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Room 10’s Weekly Update for September 17-28

Whole Class Parent Meeting - Thank you!

A big thanks to all of the parents that showed up to make Monday’s Bingo Parent Meeting entertaining and meaningful. We started the evening with small group breakout sessions to facilitate new parents establishing connections with returning parents. Then the whole group convened to discuss topics like the homework, the Aerotril Mission, and the End of the Year Trip.

If any questions, suggestions, or comments still linger, please let me know.


Taking time to express our gratitude means appreciating other living things and creating artwork.

After a summer on a Jenifer Wilson’s horse ranch our bamboo was returned this week. Thank you Jenifer!

Student groups also published some of their gratitude word clouds composed of differently sized words depending on the importance associate with each.

Work Plans

Thank you for supporting your child in getting as much as they can out of this school year. To help you probe deeper into what your child is working on in class, I have asked that your child record the details of each assignment on his or her work plan. Here is the example we put together in class:

A1 - The signed work plan allows students to get credit for completing the communication loop between home and school.

A2 - For editing card you should see the rule number and the rule. This will allow you to start asking that these rules be followed in the writing your child does at home.

A3 - SRA should have the card color, number and title. You might consider asking your child for a summary or the theme of the story.

A4 - Language Study Drawer should have the drawer number and the focus, which will allow you to find out more about that specific language skill.

A5 - Computation Card should have the card’s color, number, and a brief description of the difficulty level.

A6 - Weekly Word Study (WWS) should have a list of the five words studied that week or another clear description of what was done instead. For example, “20+ word list” would indicate that your child spent the week gathering 20 or more words to include on the individualized spelling list.

A7 - Community Service should indicate what was done, which with most students will be a thank you card to a specific person that helped make our classroom or community a better place.

A8 - This is usually an additional line that is used for other works that come up or to remind students to complete works that were not completed in previous weeks.

NEWLY FORMATTED Math Facts and Touch Typing Homework Tracker

In Friday’s home folder you will find your child’s Math Fact and Touch Typing Homework Tracker. The cover sheet looks like this:

Below is an example of how entries might look after the first six days.

Please note: Taking days off is acceptable as long as a parent agrees by initially the calendar. The expectation is that there will be 4 days of math and 4 days of touch typing completed per week. These may be on the same days.

Homework trackers are due in Clint’s inbox each school day morning BEFORE 8:30am. They will be returned to students at the end of each day.

Calendar Project Progress

Completed calendars are due on December 5. This gives students two solid months to finish conducting research, write about their findings, and create original artwork. On work plans, the expectation is for each student to make weekly progress towards the due dates, with different students taking different paths towards that goal. For example, one student may wish to do the drawings first while another student might be more interested in doing the research first. If individual students are not making adequate progress, I will let them know.