Clint's Weekly Update 10-18-13

posted Oct 18, 2013, 10:25 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,


I can’t believe we are part way through October already!  The year is already speeding by and it has been very fun to see this great group of kind, funny, quirky and enthusiastic learners come together!  Here are some of the things we’ve been working on lately:


Calendars: We have created our scoring guide for the calendar and students are using it to evaluate their progress so far.  I am attaching this student-created rubric for you to see and use to talk with your child about their work. 


Bike Safety: Beginning on Wednesday, students had the chance to jump on their bikes during our Bike Safety instruction... and they had a blast!  They have been enjoying learning about bike maintenance, how to fit their helmets properly, signaling and rules of the road.  We are looking forward to learning more and getting in some off-campus rides next week.


Math:  Fourth grade students have been working on place value, expanded notation, working with large numbers and rounding.  Fifth grade students have recently focused on order of operations, writing algebraic equations and finding numerical patterns and rules.  My sixth grade group is working on reviewing and extending their knowledge of long division and multiplication.  Kids are enjoying sinking their teeth into some challenging math!


Curriculum Sharing:  Thanks to everyone who was able to come to our curriculum sharing on Thursday.  The kids had a great time showing their families around the classroom and telling them about some of the work we have been doing.  If you were not able to attend, ask you student to tell you about the items they chose to put out for you to see and about the “math walk” we had set up in the room. 


Volunteers Needed: 

o   Harvest Party:  I would love to have some volunteers to help run our Harvest Party on October 31st from 2:00-2:45.  We will be having several stations for kids to visit, including a snack, a craft and a math activity.  Please let me know if you would like to help. 

o   Calendar editing:  Each student is creating more than 365 math problems as a part of their calendar project.  If you love kids and math then this is the job for you!  Any time period works!  If you would like to assist students in the research aspect of the project, let me know and we can find a time for you to work with students who could benefit from some one-on-one time as they gather their information.

o   Creative Expressions:  We are still looking for parent and community volunteers to teach a Creative Expressions class on Fridays from 12:00-1:00.  If you have a talent or love you would like to share with kids, please contact Melissa Palma at or let me know.


Upcoming Events:

10/14-10-29-  Bike Safety Clinic

10/18 Parent’s Time Out – childcare in the gym from 5:30-8:30

10/22 RCO meeting 6:00-7:30

10/23 Laughing Planet Day (join us at 29th and Willamette for a fun dinner to benefit Ridgeline)

10/23 Picture retakes

11/1 No school- conferences

11/4 No school- conferences


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.


Dana and Naomi




Calendar Project Scoring Guide (C.R.A.N.E.)


_____  Original art work

_____  Each picture looks different

_____  Uses interesting and descriptive words in research

_____  Varied types of math



_____  Research is in your own words

_____  Has 365 different math problems

_____  Each page has at least one illustration

_____  Bibliography contains at least three resources and is formatted correctly

_____  Months, days of the week and dates are headed correctly

_____  Calendar has a cover, bibliography and author page



_____  Research contains correct and up-to-date information

_____  Math problems are correct

_____  Illustrations reflect the topic

_____  Conventions in writing are correct (capitals, spelling, punctuation)



_____  Writing is straight, neat and easy to read with spaces between words

_____  Math problems are written in the boxes neatly

_____  Corrections are invisible

_____  No stray mark on the paper



_____  Detailed pictures

_____  Research has details and interesting facts

_____  Math problems were challenging for the student’s level

_____  Student met the project deadlines

_____  The reader can tell the student took their time and took pride in his/her work


Comments:  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



+ = student went beyond the requirement

Ö = student met the requirement consistently

-- = student did not meet the requirement or was not consistent