Clint's Weekly Update 10-16-14

posted Oct 16, 2014, 10:56 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Here’s the weekly news:

3 Islands Project

With all of the characters now on the 3 Islands, the project has entered into a new phase: making a new permanent home for themselves.  With the news of their arrival, NEMSC (The National Economic, Mercantilism, and Supervisory Company) has recruited new characters to join the original ones.  Stay tuned until next week when the excitement is sure to intensify.  

Salmon Project Begins

This year the Upper El classrooms at Ridgeline have been invited to participate in EWEB’s Education grant to the 4j School District for energy and water education.  EWEB will provide all the equipment, (plus 100 fertilized salmon eggs) and training necessary for raising salmon. Between now and Winter Break we will be caring for these salmon as they develop into fry.  Teams of students will be monitoring the pH, ammonia, and temperature levels of the tanks three times a day.  We will watch them grow while we learn about anatomy, life cycles, and keystone species.  We will tie these lessons to what we are learning about ecology and to our work with Waloma Restoration Project.

Basket Auction and SouthTowne Shop Fundraiser

Our classroom brought in $300 towards Ridgeline’s Capital Campaign!  Thank you for your donations and for the wonderful parent from our class that ended up with the winning bid!

Math Groups

This week, each student was asked to study two different math strands.  The 4th Years are studying Math Facts and Place Value.  The Fifth Years are now studying Squaring and Powers of 10.  And the Sixth Years are studying Fractions and Common Multiples/Factors.  The groups are doing really well supporting each other in completing their follow-up assignments.

Curriculum Sharing

On Thursday, October 23, Ridgeline hosts two sessions of curriculum sharing from 3:15-4:15pm and then from 6-7pm.  This is an opportunity for your son or daughter to give you a tour of the classroom.

Picture Retakes

Wednesday, October 22.  Photographers will be ready at 8:45.


OBOB Kick-Off grades 3-8 on Friday, November 24.  Last Friday, permission slips were sent home in the purple Home Communication folders.

Have a great weekend,

Clint and Mary Kate