Clint's Weekly Update 10-1-15

posted Oct 1, 2015, 2:52 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings from Room 10!

This week we were lucky to have Sheryl visit our class to teach painting and texturizing techniques.  Students will be using their freshly painted paper to create a wall frieze that depicts the seven planets in the NUGYRO System.  Between their sessions with Sheryl, many of the research teams began analyzing documents that describe the various plant species in each region.

Progress was also made on research for this year’s calendar project.  

4th Years

5th Years

6th Years


12 People You Care About

12 Nobel Laureates


12 Acts of Peace

2016 SPICE Science & Invention Fair Topic Investigation

If your child’s work plan has either of the Calendar Project works highlighted (indicating the work is missing or incomplete), please try to set aside some time this weekend for him or her to get caught up.


On Thursday, I introduced the XtraMath online app to those students that have already turned in their Internet User Agreement (this is the purple form that was sent home in the Home Folder last Friday).  These students have already been shown how to:

  1. go to

  2. click on sign in

  3. click on the student tab

  4. enter my email address

  5. enter their specialized first name [For this your child’s first name is preceded by their classroom number and a period.  For example, my first name would be “30.Clint“]

  6. enter their PIN

  7. click sign in

The idea is for each student to complete at least one session at least four days a week.  Each session takes around 5 minutes and can easily be done at home on a computer to tablet.  Please note: XtraMath is an at home activity unless a parent has requested it be done at school because of home computer/Internet limitations.