Clint's Weekly Update 1-20-16

posted Jan 21, 2016, 11:04 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

I have finalized a partnership with the 4J School District's NATIVES Program and retired teacher Vic Hansen to carve a totem pole out of a cedar tree.  Through this hands-on experience, students will explore an indigenous people’s relationship with the land and the impact of Westward expansion on their way of life.

Brenda and Jon Brainard, the Natives Program Director and Mentor, will be conducting an 11am Blessing and Smudging Ceremony on Saturday, February 20 before the tree is to be cut down.  The beautiful 20 foot cedar tree is currently growing about 17 miles south of Roseburg on property of Clint’s Family Friend.  You are invited to arrange your own transportation to this unique event.  More details and driving directions will be sent out during the first week of February.

Need Some Volunteer Hours for Your Family?

Pre-Lottery Info Session might be the answer.  Last year a student and her mother attended the pre-lottery info session, allowing visiting students and parents to hear a kid’s take on what it’s like attending Ridgeline.

The Pre-Lottery Info Session that Clint will be attending is on Saturday, February 27th, and starts at 10am.  Please RSVP with Clint if you and your child are interested in also attending.

XtraMath and TypingClub Participation Levels Still Low

Last week only five students met the requirements to complete 4 sessions of XtraMath and 20 minutes of TypingClub practice!  With this low level of involvement, I am at a loss.  These two programs promote the development and maintenance of two extremely important skills: Basic Math Fact Fluency and Touch Typing.  

The need is great for students to easily recall their basic math facts and to be able to word process. For example, I recently watched a fifth year student take more than five minutes to login to his gmail account because he doesn’t know where the letters and numbers on the keyboard are located.  If you have any suggestions about other methods for inspiring students to develop these much needed skills, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Upcoming Events

January 22, 2016 = Talent Show @ 6pm