Clint's Weekly Update 1-10-18

posted Jan 10, 2018, 9:41 AM by Cynthia Friedman

No School on Monday - MLK, Jr. Day

End of the Year Trip Committee

Adult Committee Members

  • Shannon (Eli’s Mom)

  • Jen (Erin’s Mom)

  • Michael (Malia’s Dad)

  • Patrick (Jack Steinman’s Dad)

  • Dena (Kaiyon’s Mom)

  • Matt (Milo’s Dad)

  • Todd (Cole’s Dad)

Student Committee Members:

  • Auden

  • Cedar

  • Eli

  • Jack Steinman

  • Kaiyon

  • Urah

Science Fieldtrip Series: UofO Museum of Natural and Cultural History

For our “Ride the Rock Cycle” Fieldtrip to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History on Thursday, January 18, we will be taking a journey through the eons and examine Earth's dynamic geology. From sandstone to serpentinite, you'll learn how different rocks fit into the spectacular story of the rock cycle. Discover what rocks are found in Oregon in the “Explore Oregon” exhibit.

We have nine drivers that have said they are available. Before the trip can officially go ahead, the drivers need to get approval from the office.