Emily's Weekly Update 6-12-16

posted Jun 13, 2016, 1:48 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Summer Homes for Chester and Rocky

Would you like to foster a class pet over the summer?  Gerbil Rocky and leopard gecko Chester are looking for a vacation home.  Both pets are fairly easy care and can be left for a four-day weekend.  Let me know if you are interested in one or both pets.


Field Day Monday, Picnic and the Park on Tuesday

Please plan for sun protection for your child on both days and send them with good shoes for outside play.  On Tuesday, we’ll be walking to Frank Kinney Park (at the end of West Amazon Drive and Martin Street) for lunch and recess.  Please plan on sending a water bottle with your child for Tuesday’s outing.


Popsicle Sponsors Needed

We’d love to celebrate the last day of school with some icy treats.  We’re looking for one or more families to buy and deliver popsicles on Wednesday at 12:30, then to stay and enjoy them with us. 


End of the Year Concert and Peacemaker Display, Tuesday June 14 at 5:00

We are so excited to share our songs with you! Having your student arrive by 4:50 will help us start on time.  Arriving early will give you a chance to view some of the dozens of beautiful peacemaker biography projects on display before the show.  See you on Tuesday!


“Dress Like a Peacemaker” Day on Tuesday

Student may choose to dress like their peacemaker next Tuesday.  This is optional, as always.  Remember that we’ll be walking to the park, so little Einsteins and Eleanor Roosevelts may want to send a change of clothes.  Young Jane Goodalls will be perfectly outfitted in field clothes already!


Summer Practice

We are sending home summer practice packets and XtraMath flyers on Monday.  If you haven’t already come to conference with me about summer practice, be on the lookout for these summer resources.  For kiddos who like their practice on a computer or tablet, check out the apps from TeachMe.  They have both language arts and math content, and have a great handwriting recognition feature.