Cheri's Weekly Update 9-21-12

posted Sep 24, 2012, 10:40 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Sharing: 9/24-28: Something that begins with ‘b’ or ‘d’. 10/1-4: Something blue
A Sharing schedule and Weekly Schedule are attached. If you would like hard copies, email, phone (541-681-9662) or send a note and I’ll be sure you receive them. 

Lunch: Lunch begins at 11:40. Parents are welcome! 

First Great Lesson: This week the children heard about the Formation of the Universe according to the story many scientists tell. They illustrated their ideas about the story using colored paper, paints, pastels, glitter and sequins. This traditional Montessori First Lesson begins like this:

“This story takes place a long time ago. Because no one was around at the time, we don’t really know what and how things happened. This is a theory that tells how some scientists believe the Universe began. There are many other stories and beliefs around the world about how the Universe was formed. Ask your family what your story or belief is...” 

Inside Shoes: Please be sure your child has a pair of inside shoes. Much of the ‘work’ in our classroom involves hands-on materials used on the rug. Inside shoes keep our classroom cleaner and quieter. 

Cheri’s Class Family Picnic: We so enjoyed gathering with students and their families for our Family Picnic. If you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry. There will be other opportunities to get together with the classroom community throughout the year. 

TONIGHT! Read-a-thon Kickoff: Join us Friday, 6:00-8:00pm, for the Read-a-thon Kickoff. Wear your pajamas and enjoy the fun! See you there. 

Library Field trip: Thursday, October 11, the class will go to the Eugene Public Library. We’ll ride LTD, leaving at 9:15am, and enjoy a story and tour. We’ll return to school at 11:45, just in time for lunch! Watch for more information and a permission form in the next update. 

Upcoming Events:
Friday, 9/21 Read-a-thon Kickoff, 6-8pm. Remember to wear your pajamas!
Tuesday, 9/25 RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm
Thursday, 10/11 Library Field Trip
Friday, 10/12 No School. State In-Service Day 

Cheri and Azusa