Cheri's Weekly Update 5-10-13

posted May 10, 2013, 12:16 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming events:
Friday, May 10 Return Homework packets
Saturday, May 11 Design Bridge Work Party—Volunteers Needed
Amazon Walk, May 17 Amazon Walk
Tuesday, May 21 Project Fair
Wednesday, May22 3rd graders to Subway 

SHARING THEME: (week of 5/13) A sign of spring, (week of 5/20) A rock or a flower 

Homework: Return homework packets this Friday, May 10. 

DESIGN BRIDGE WORK PARTY: Please support Ridgeline’s Middle School Design Bridge Project. Volunteers are desperately needed this Saturday to help dig a swale for the outdoor classroom between 10am-4pm. Call the office for more information 541-681-9662 

CHAPALA’S: Parents, students and teachers enjoyed a delicious lunch at Chapala’s restaurant last Friday. We had such fun and the weather was beautiful. Thanks for your support. 

Project Fair: Every year Ridgeline holds a Project Fair. Students research a topic of their choice then create a visual display to share the information with others. This year’s Project Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21. Students can complete their project at home and family members can help if needed. Some students are already planning to expand on research projects done earlier this year. Here are some examples of projects from past years: a model of a car engine built with legos, pictures of pets and how to care for them, pictures and facts about the life of Houdini, a mobile of the solar system, a volcano model, pictures and facts showing the life cycle of a frog, a plant experiment, rules and playing instructions for soccer, 3 generations of a “family tree”.

On Tuesday, May 21, bring your project to school to share with Ridgeline students and their families. Projects will be displayed in the classrooms. Students and families can come to school and view the projects from 3:15-4:15 or 6:00-7:00. If you would like more information, please call or e-mail: (541-681-9662) 
Ridgeline has tri-fold, cardboard display boards available ($3.00) in the office if needed. 

WE’RE FEELING APPRECIATED: Thanks to our community for taking time to acknowledge Ridgeline teachers and for sharing cards, baked goods, plants and a delicious luncheon!

Cheri and Azusaa

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