Cheri's Weekly Update 4-2-15

posted Apr 2, 2015, 12:57 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
April 11 Grounds keeping and Outdoor Work Party
Month of April Smarter Balanced testing for students in 3rd thought 8th grade.
May 29 Move Up Day, for students that will move to a new classroom in the fall.  

SHARING THEME: 3/30- Your Choice, 4/8- A joke or comic 

PARENTS OF THIRD GRADERS: Help your student access the Smarter Balanced practice tests: Questions? Send me an email!

QUIET SPACE SUPPORT/TUTOR NEEDED: We’re looking for volunteers who have time in the morning to support students working in a quiet space outside of the classroom. Students may be working on individual work plans, on quiet partner work, or on group projects. The volunteer would introduce herself or himself, ask the children what they’re working on, stay close by to help when needed, and help maintain an attitude of focus in the space. Please contact Cynthia if you’re interested.

Grounds Keeping and Outdoor Classroom Work Party: Come help us keep Ridgeline beautiful! A volunteer grounds-keeping work party will be held Sunday, April 11, 10am-3pm. We'll be digging a path in the north field, weeding, pruning, raking and generally having fun; kids welcome too. Bring gardening tools if you've got them, plus gloves & rugged clothing. Meet at the outdoor classroom. All Family members may log volunteer hours.

MONTESSORI ON-SITE VISIT: During the break I was invited to join a team of professionals conducting an accreditation visit for AMS (American Montessori Society) and MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Committee for Teacher Education). These are the two primary accreditation bodies for teacher education programs. Programs that apply for accreditation (initial or renewal) must complete a year long, extensive self-study and submit this document for approval prior to the site visit. The purpose of the site visit team is to verify accreditation criteria. The program was exceptional and the experience was professionally exhilarating. I appreciate the hard work necessary to prepare Montessori teachers for this important work. If you are interested in learning about AMS or MACTE, visit their websites for more information.

I'm grateful that Ridgeline supports professional development for all staff! 

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