Cheri's Weekly Update 3-9-12

posted Mar 9, 2012, 9:00 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Sharing theme: Week of March 12- A hand tool
Week of March 19: A picture of a baby 

Spring forward for Daylight Savings time: It’s that time again! Set your clocks 1 hour forward this Sunday, 3/11.

Internet use policy in the classroom: Students in my classroom use computers for word processing (type an assignment or project) and for the reading program “Read Naturally”. If information or a picture is needed about a research topic, an adult may search “Google” with the child. Our computers’ Google safe-search filter is set to Strict. Children do not access the internet without an adult. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail, send a note or stop by the classroom for a brief chat or to make an appointment for a meeting.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: I look forward to attending the American Montessori Conference in San Francisco next week, Thursday through Sunday, (3/15-18). I’ve signed up to attend some amazing workshops. Two are entitled:
The Relationship between Character & Intellectual Development and Brainchild: Exploring Neuroscience in the Elementary Classroom » »

State Testing OAKS: State testing begins for our 3rd graders the second week after Spring Break. Please be sure your student has a healthy breakfast and is well rested. Questions? Email, call or send note to schedule a meeting.

Biomes: The next biome we study is the Temperate Forest. We are surrounded by these beautiful forests. Characteristics of this biome include plenty of precipitation, four seasons and fairly mild temperatures. Trees can be coniferous or deciduous. Animals may hibernate or migrate. If you have items or books that support our study of the Temperate Forests, please consider sharing with the classroom community. 

Fri 3/23: Pajama Day in Cheri’s Class
M-F 3/26-30: Spring Break
Mon 4/2: No School - Budget Reduction Day (formerly professional development day)
Tues. 4/3: Students return to school. 

  Thanks, Cheri and Azusa