Cheri's Weekly Update 3-3-17

posted Mar 3, 2017, 12:23 PM by Cynthia Friedman





 HOMEWORK: Please return Homework on Friday.

SHARING Theme: Week of 2/27- An item from another country; Week of 3/6- A measuring tool

MUDDY PUDDLE CLOTHES DESPERATELY NEEDED: We are in need of extra clothes, especially elastic waist pants (sweat pants and leggings are ideal), and simple plain short sleeved or long sleeved t-shirts. If you have clothes that your student has outgrown that you can donate to the muddy puddle box, please drop them off at the office.

PASTA DINNER FUNDRAISER: Come break bread with your Ridgeline family. The cost is $5 per person or $20 for the whole family. Please remember to bring you own plates and utensils. We’ve got amazing items to raffle as well as our BEAUTIFUL pasta bowls and platters for auction. Each class participated in painting a pasta bowl or a large platter for auction. They are beautiful! You don’t want to miss this evening! Music performances by TRUE, the adult uke group, and music specialist Melanie Germond will lead kindergarten and lower-el students in a few songs.

UPDATE ON AZUSA: Azusa is taking time away from Ridgeline to be with her daughter through a serious illness. We are grateful for Kristin Warner, our substitute assistant and for our parent volunteers. Please keep Azusa and her family in your thoughts.

SNACK MATS: In order to reduce the number of clean cloths used each day, the students will stitch their own small mat and keep it with their cubby. This mat can be used for snack or lunch. We'll include these cloth mats with the laundry that goes home on Friday. I'm hoping to use colorful cotton cloth for one side of the mat and terrycloth for the other side. After each student hand sews a mat I would like volunteers with a sewing machine to reinforce the sewing. If you can help with this project, either by donating fabric or sewing mats, please let me know.

100 DAY CELEBRATION, MARCH 6: This Monday we’ll celebrate 100 days of school. Children can bring 100 small objects to glue onto a 100 square paper grid. In past years children brought beans, popcorn and other seeds, cotton balls, macaroni, stickers etc… Use your imagination! We will write, count, add, subtract, divide and multiply 100!

Please help (if necessary) your child count 100 items, put in a container or bag and bring to school. If you have questions, send me a note, call (541-681-9662) or e-mail me.

AMERICAN MONTESSORI SOCIETY: AMS is the largest Montessori organization in the United States. It accredits Montessori teacher training programs and offers support to schools, staff and families. This year the 2017 Annual Conference is happening on the West Coast in San Diego and I plan to attend! I’ve scheduled a tour of a public Montessori school in the area as well as several workshops and seminars.

I’ll be out of the classroom Wednesday through Friday, March 8-10. I can’t wait to share all that I see and learn! I’m grateful to Ridgeline for encouraging and funding participation in professional development opportunities such as this. If you are interested in learning more, check out this website:

Cheri and Azusa