Cheri's Weekly Update 3-21-17

posted Mar 21, 2017, 2:10 PM by Cynthia Friedman

HOMEWORK: Please return homework on Friday.

SHARING Theme: Week of 3/13-An instrument or collection; Week of 3/20- A favorite book

PROJECT FAIR: Every year Ridgeline holds a Project Fair. Students research a topic of their choice then create a visual display to share information with others. Here are some examples of projects completed by students from previous years: a model of a car engine built with legos, pictures of pets and how to care for them, pictures and facts about the life of Houdini, a mobile of the solar system, a volcano model, pictures and facts showing the life cycle of a frog, a plant experiment, rules and playing instructions for soccer, 3 generations of a “family tree”. Let me know if you have questions, need advice or if you’d like a cardboard display board. This year’s Project Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25. Families can come and enjoy the displays right after school at 3:15 or later in the evening from 6:00-7:00. If you need more information or project ideas, let me know.

PASTA DINNER FUNDRAISER: What a successful fundraiser this was! $3668 was raised! Thank you for all you did to support this fun evening.

UPDATE ON AZUSA: Azusa continues to provide support for her daughter who is ill. We are grateful for Kristin Warner, our substitute assistant, and for our wonderful parent volunteers that provide classroom support. Please keep Azusa and her family in your thoughts.

In order to reduce the number of clean cloths used each day, the students will stitch their own small mat to be used for snack or lunch. We'll include these cloth snack mats with the laundry that goes home on Friday. The children will begin constructing the mats soon. A grandparent has offered to donate printed cotton fabric for one side of the mat. We are asking for donations of cotton towels that we can cut and sew as an absorbent backing for each mat. If you have an old, lightly-colored towel that you no longer use, please consider donating it for this sewing project. We’ve had one parent offer to help reinforce the students’ hand stitches with a sewing machine. I’m hoping to find one more. This work can be done at home in the evening or on the weekend. If you can help with this project by donating fabric, volunteering in the classroom and helping our youngsters stitch the mats, or by machine sewing the mats after they are completed, please let me know.

The Montessori Conference was wonderful! I felt so inspired by the workshops, keynote presentations and the fabulous classroom materials on display. The theme of the conference was “Beyond Borders”. This theme was woven throughout the conference, highlighted by Alice Renton’s work and the keynote speakers Nicholas Kristoff and Jessica Lahey. There were numerous workshops relating to public Montessori as well as an AMS Continuing Improvement Session, “Public Sector Montessori -The most important work of our movement?” You will be hearing more about the conference in future updates.

Thank you for sharing your resilient children.